Anoopam History

Since 2005

Anoopam Laboratory is founded in 2005 by Mr. Ambalal Patel. It was started with only one product but in course of its successful journey, Anoopam Lab has launched more products in the market. Now, in all, there are many products introduced by Anoopam Lab. As the founder of Mr. Ambalal believes in making high quality products with unique results and in showing a path to average people to run their own business with low investment. Now number of distributors are running their own business through Anoopam Laboratory.

Anoopam Conglomerate


Anoopam Laboratory attracts some of the best talent in the industry, a key factor for delivering the cutting-edge creative and innovative products which end consumers demand. Anoopam Lab's business strategy has been consistent since its spin-off in 2005. It is focused on delivering long-term sustainable growth through innovation, speed of product development and relentless focus on its customers.

The company operates a sustainable business model considered a key factor to achieve long-term value generation. What sets Anoopam Laboratory apart from other companies in the industry is its focus and passion for building successful partnerships with its customers, helped by a deep understanding of their brands and their consumers.


Passion for excellence translates into Passion for quality. Anoopam Laboratory is committed to establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards throughout every department.

About Customers Intimacy
To attain true customer intimacy Anoopam Laboratory provides unparalleled products. both for customers and the final consumer. The task is to not only understand what customers want, but exceed their expectations in terms of service, reliability and timeliness, while complying with legal, ethical and environmental requirements.

Process Innovation
The company ensures that every single product delivered to customers, meets stringent quality controls